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Why Digital Wedding Planning is #1

September 14, 2023


Let’s be honest– wedding planning can be stressful. While most people assume burdens come most from budgeting, disorganization is actually the leading cause of wedding stress. While there are tons of websites that offer built in planning assistance, having your own private digital wedding planner is the best way to plan in this modern age.

accessibility: anytime, anywhere

Because all your wedding details are in one place online, accessing info when you need it is quick. Meeting with vendors to show them mood boards, checking when payments are due, or even editing the guest list is a click away. When you digitally plan you have the option to make it available via an app even when you are offline. Plus, you’ll be able to add notes and make changes on-the-go. Say goodbye to those scraps of paper notes that are easily misplaced.

personalized checklist & budgeting

Online guides are general. With a digital planner you can personalize your to-do checklist and fine tune your budget. Arrange your planner to have the to-do checklist be the first few pages so you alway see what you have to complete next. Customize budgeting to only include the types of vendors you are booking. Disperse your allocated wedding funds more appropriately. 


One of the drawbacks of using popular wedding sites to plan is that your information is not private. Wedding websites use your budget inputs for statistics, they scatter ads throughout your wedding planning pages, and unwanted vendors can continue to reach out via message boards or email. Digital planning gives you the privacy you deserve.

collab with your VIPs

Wedding planning does not have to fall on your shoulders alone. Having one website login or one wedding planner binder can make the planning process feel exclusive to your partner, parents, and friends. Digital Wedding Planning allows you to share info with others. Furthermore, collaborate with vendors and co-plan with the people you love most.

Ultimately, you should find a wedding planning system that works for you to reduce stress, eliminate wasted time, and promote organization. More couples are turning to Digital Wedding Planning in today’s society not solely for the modern approach but the efficiency & privacy it provides. Should you be wanting to digitally plan and looking for where to begin, at Eleventh Hour Co we provide all clients with a free beautifully designed Digital Wedding Portfolio!

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