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Lavender Peach Wedding Vibes

October 31, 2023


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Couples choose lavender, peach, and mauve as wedding colors for their harmonious blend of softness, romance, and versatility. Lavender’s calming hues complement peach’s warmth, creating an elegant and timeless palette. These colors adapt seamlessly to various wedding styles, from rustic to classic, offering flexibility. Additionally, the floral options are abundant, allowing for stunning arrangements. The combination’s seasonal adaptability suits both spring and summer weddings. Visually appealing and photogenic, lavender and peach evoke a fresh and vibrant ambiance, making them a popular choice for couples seeking a romantic, personalized, and visually pleasing wedding celebration. Check out these gorgeous photos:

Bride & Groom Bouquet: L & B Wedding Designs | Bride With Braid & Bouquet: Fly Free Photography | Wedding Cake, Invitations : Jose Villa Photography | Slice of Colored Cake: Ivy Road Photography | Place Cards With Candles: Set Free Photography | Fireplace Ceremony: Corina V. Photography | Loveseat: Susan Yee Photography | Cocktails: | Bridesmaids: Mashaida Co. | Large Floral Piece: Ivory Tribe | Centerpiece: Ashley Fox Designs

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