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Scientific Luxury Wedding Hack

November 17, 2023


Research shows memory is tied to your senses. You hear a song and it triggers a thought or you taste food and are brought back to a moment. Weddings provide so much for the senses but are often only remembered through photos. Scent is a highly underrated way to not only remember your wedding day but elevate it to a luxury vibe. I’m not talking about the perfume you wear but the signature smell of the entire day. Smell is the sense most strongly linked to brain areas that are involved in emotion, learning, and memory. Here are ways to captivate wedding guests with the science of aroma:

affordable mist & candles

When you walk the mall past a Bath & Body Works, you smelled one of their candles wafting through the air and luring you in— your wedding can do the same! Grab a few candles all with the same scent. Also consider a linen/room spray since it can be used on the table cloths, fabric backdrops, and lounge furniture. You can often find Bath & Body Work products on sale making it the affordable option.

luxury candles

While luxury candles are more expensive, the aroma profiles are amazingly intoxicating. Le Labo, Capri Blue (Volcano), Tyler Candle Co (Diva), Hotel Lobby Candle, Hotel Collections are a few luxury scent companies. Depending on the size of the candle the price will vary; $50-$100+ per candle is common.  

luxury diffuser

Diffusers are how hotels and spas scent their lobby. While a business diffuser is usually attached to the AC system, there are powerful room diffusers that don’t have to be professionally installed. The diffuser machine can range from $100 to $1000+ depending on the square footage you want to cover. For this option you want to choose devices you will use in your home after the wedding. The luxury scents are often hotel & spa collections. Brands like Hotel Collections and Aroma360 are popular. To have this option be more affordable, you can choose to only scent the foyer, entrance, or cocktail area.

In conclusion, if you can afford to splurge on a luxury scent for your wedding it’s so worth it!  Scenting your wedding is a wonderful way to create a luxurious custom experience that won’t be forgotten.

Cover Photo | Le Luxe Candles

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