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#1 Mistake Brides Make

September 19, 2023


It’s symbolically lovely when a Bride chooses to walk down the aisle with both parents! However, for most it becomes an awkward bridal entrance. I admit, I’m visually OCD when it comes to how a wedding and its events unfolds. After 20 years of wedding planning, it’s hard not no notice things. Here are photo examples to help you avoid these common mistakes:

The best way for a Bride to walk with both parents is: first, the bride stands with her bouquet centered (thumb at her belly button). Next, with father on right and mother on left, parents take the arm closest to bride and come from behind her arm (on the inside of her elbow). Lastly, they gently place hand underneath her forearm.

In conclusion, while there will be occasional exceptions to a Bride walking with parents this way, you too will find this is by far the best method to use. I encourage you to try it out, and spread the word so couples have wedding photos and they visually love!

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