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3 Parts of Marriage Wellbeing

September 27, 2023


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I love the reality show Love is Blind— couples meet, date in pods without seeing each other, and get engaged before they ever meet face-to-face. Although rare, some of the couples are still married years after the show. How could this be possible you ask? Their individual psychological wellbeing was in a great place. To begin, “A couple’s relationship can only be as healthy as the two individuals.” Here are the 3 research-based components to Marriage Wellbeing:

self concept

Did you know 30,000+ scholarly articles have been published on self concept! Several comparing how it relates to marriage. When you have a good self-esteem and positive self-concept, it improves your ability to give and receive love. The state of your mental heath and self perception will influence the type of partner you are while in a relationship. Furthermore, I read one study found self-concept is the highest predictor to marital sexual satisfaction. This lines up with one of the leading causes of divorce: infidelity and intimacy issues, which couples report beginning with sexual dissatisfaction. A healthy self-concept is a key elements to a happy marriage.


Just as important, empathy is the most effective way to instantly resolve conflict. Because empathy tends to grow with maturity, marrying under the age of 23 is correlated with a higher divorce rate (yes, I acknowledge there are exceptions). When we empathize with our partners, we can see the world from their perspective and better understand their needs, thoughts, and feelings. Lasting connections and emotional intimacy are the fruit of empathy.


Lastly, a leading factor that plays into successful marriage is that a couple consist of two independent people. Ideally, growing up you you made hundreds of life choices — including ones that were different from who your family is or what they wanted for you. Because of this process, we develop healthy independence that will aids us in building a strong alliance in our marriages. I understand, everyone’s upbringing varies; the beautiful part is how life unfolds in spite of.

In conclusion, knowing how our individual wellbeing meshes with our partners is what reveals our Marriage Wellbeing. I’d love for you to head into marriage with confidence and learn something you didn’t know about your partner that will make you bond deeper! >>> Take The Award-Winning Marriage Assessment <<<

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*content of this blog post was adapted wording from SYMBIS creators Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott. | Angeli Hughes is a Certified Faciliator for SYMBIS

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