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10 Things Guests Love

October 23, 2023


The top 10 things wedding guests report loving aren’t place cards, charger plates, linen, or even centerpieces. It’s easy to get caught up in attention to detail because we feel people notice and remember it. Going on 20 years of planning & coordinating weddings, here are the top 10 things wedding guest rave about, even years later:

ceremony drink

Serving champagne or your signature cocktail as people enter the ceremony gives guests an unexpected pleasant surprise. Since they are arriving and waiting for the ceremony to begin, this allows them to enjoy your chosen drink at an ideal moment. 

cocktail performers

While cocktails are the perfect time for a live musician to entertain guests, there are other options beyond music. For example, living sculptures are an interactive visual art. They range from human flowers to animals. As they walk around the room, every movement is mesmerizing like a Disney experience. Moreover, there are magicians that aren’t basic but  Las Vegas style slide of hand. They drift among guests captivating their attention with unexplained magic. On a grander scale, an aerialist spiraling down from the ceiling in silk ribbons is always beautifully impressive. 

drink walls

Whether a white gloves hand passes champagne through a wall or you grab your pre poured drink off a creatively displayed wall, people love drink walls! The possibilities are endless in this area and couples get to add their personality into the design to give guests an immersive experience.

photo opps

Let’s face it, most people love a good selfie or posed photo opportunity, especially when they are dressed up for a wedding! I always notice guests gravitate to places with lush floral displays or beautiful details to take photos, so why not have an intentional photo opportunity for them (other than a Photo Booth). Recent trend is a full length mirror with pops of florals or greenery that has a vinyl monogram or the phrase such as “you look incredible, now go grab a drink”. Get creative with it!

photo booth

Photo booths have been and are still a guest favorite. As the years go by they become better in quality. Booths range from a simple kiosk with standard photo props to 360 photo stages— guests love them all!

live music

I can’t deny that guests tend to dance more when there is a live band or musicians. Yes, hiring a band isn’t affordable for all couples. A middle option is to add live musicians to play along with the DJ. Popular instruments to add are drums, saxophone, trumpet, and violin. Some artists are even mobile and join guests on the dance floor with their LED light lined instruments.

dancing shoes

As ladies we’ve all been there— a night out dancing where you wished you could take off your heels to relieve your aching feet. Naturally, the women will love it if you have a basket with sandals or flats for them to ditch the heels and continue dancing with you all night.

la hora loca

In hispanic culture, La Hora Loca (translated: The Crazy Hour) is 60 minutes of adrenaline-filled, lighting show, flashy dancers, and high energy dancing. Similar to the vibe of Carnival or Mardi Gras, Hora Loca provides a vivacious dance set right when you think the party is dying down.

sweets bar

Wedding cake is the main dessert, however, dessert tables are a win for guests as the night progresses. Not all couples have the budget to serve late night food bites. An alternative is a dessert table with an array of baked goods. Candy tables/bars are also a fun snack for partying guests. These treat tables also double as a wedding favor if you post a thank you sign or take home bags amongst the goodies.

late bites

After drinking and dancing all night, a snack always hits the spot (and helps sober you up a bit). Although the options are endless, a few good selections for late night bites are: mini sliders, fries, pizza, pretzels, mac-n-cheese, quesadillas, or tacos. Your caterer can provide the food or you can hire a food truck. For a more affordable option, you can have someone pick up a bulk order from a restaurant or fast food joint.

In conclusion, the focus of your wedding will always be celebrating you both as a married couple. Providing guests with entertainment, drinks, and food is the fun hospitality side of your big day. Choosing one or some options for the 10 things mentioned above ensures your wedding will be raved about by guests for years to come.

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