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The 8 Marriage Personality Types

November 23, 2023


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Every marriage relationship is unprecedented. There has never been a marriage like the one your couple is about to start. When two personalities come together, the combination of their dynamics creates a unique blend of characteristics and qualities. The SYMBIS Assessment includes one of the world’s most reliable, valid, and sophisticated measures of personality available to identify what type of spouse you are. Furthermore, it reveals how you and your patterns personality blends for several aspects of marriage.

the research

Dr. Marston spurred decades of research of personality assessment; eventually it resulted in one of the most well-researched personality assessments of all time. Today it’s known as the DiSC and has been used by more than 50 million people since the 1970’s. The SYMBIS Assessment includes this valid research to identify what spouse type you are.

what “spouse type” are you?

A couple’s combined personality dynamics is essential for effective marriage preparation. Whatever combination you and your partners are is unique, one is not better or worse than any other. They each have their own specific assets and unique challenges. Discovering the dynamics of the type of spouse you are brings self awareness to your relationship. Knowing what type your partner is helps you appreciate your differences and identify your strengths together. Here are the 8 spouse types:

In conclusion, a couple’s Dynamics are the underlying forces in your personalities that shape your relationship. Discovering what type of spouse you and your partner are will reveal how your blend of characteristics and personality come together to embark on a beautiful life together. I’d love for you to head into marriage with confidence and learn something you didn’t know about your partner that will make you bond deeper! >>> Take The Award-Winning Marriage Assessment <<<

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*content of this blog post was adapted wording from SYMBIS creators Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott. | Angeli Hughes is a certified facilitator for SYMBIS

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