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Inside Our Wedding Emergency Kit

November 24, 2023


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One of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner is the Wedding Emergency Kit they have on hand the day of your event. This kit addresses any issues that arise last minute on the day of your wedding. From medical necessities to fashion fixes, your wedding planner can fix the unexpected things quickly and keep the day moving as scheduled. While wedding planners have different looking emergency kits – tool boxes, suitcases, bins, rolling cases – we feel ours is not only beautiful but highly functional too. Keep reading to check out the inside of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit and all the items we have on hand.

the case

After 20 years of wedding planning, our case has definitely evolved. I’ve used large tackle boxes and rolling cases in the past but now we use a rolling train makeup case that has removable storage bins and separators in the inside. Furthermore, we have vinyl labels on the inside to keep things organized. 

the items

We’ve divided all of the Wedding Emergency Kit items into 9 categories and listed all the items we have.

emergency pouch

At every wedding I also wear a black belt bag/fanny pack that has items I end up using almost every wedding:

  • bobby pins
  • safety pins
  • comb
  • mini lint roller
  • mints
  • sewing needing pre threaded with clear sewing string
  • 1 pair white gloves, for handling the wedding dress
  • 1 pair medical gloves
  • Blister kit (see medical for what’s included)
  • Moleskin
  • Small scissors
  • Pen
  • Small post-its
  • Q-tips
  • Oil blotting sheets
  • Anti-sweat loose face powder
  • Lip gloss
  • Small mirror

In conclusion, one of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner is the emergency kit they have on hand to address all unexpected issues that arise. If you are a fellow wedding planner reading this post, please comment with any items you think we should add or include!

Cover Photo | Rachel Red Photography

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