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How To Attend Your Cocktail Hour

February 22, 2024


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To ensure that you, as the newlyweds, can attend your cocktail hour on your wedding day, it’s important to schedule your wedding day in a specific way. Typically during cocktail, newlyweds spend the hour taking post-ceremony photos. Make attending the cocktail hour a priority in your schedule by taking specific photos early. Consider the following steps in arranging your wedding day schedule:

plan ahead

Work with your wedding planner or coordinator to create a detailed timeline for the day, taking into account the various events that need to occur before the wedding ceremony. Depending on certain wedding logistics, such as distance of wedding venue from getting ready location, it may be necessary to have a two person photography team.

bridal party individuals

Allow time for bridal party individuals to be taken in the morning after everyone is completely dressed. The Bride would have hers done with bridesmaids and the Groom with his groomsmen. Ideally these would be taken before the first look (but can be done after).

do a first look

Plan for a “first look” photo session with your partner before the ceremony. This will allow you to have portraits taken together before the ceremony. If you desire to have photos together at the ceremony site, a few can be quickly post ceremony.

wedding party group photos

After the first look, plan for group wedding party photos. If the ceremony site is done being set-up and decorated they can be taken there. If you worry about early guests seeing you before the wedding then another location on site can be used.

early family photos

Taking photos with your family members before the ceremony will streamline the photography process and free up the most time during the cocktail. Typically these photos take about 20 minutes on average to complete after the ceremony, therefore, having key family members arrive early for photography will ensure you attend most of the cocktail hour with your guests.

By carefully planning and organizing your wedding day schedule, you can ensure that you have the opportunity to attend and enjoy your cocktail hour as newlyweds while still making time for all the other memorable moments of your special day.

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