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Research shows memory is tied to your senses. You hear a song and it triggers a thought or you taste food and are brought back to a moment. Weddings provide so much for the senses but are often only remembered through photos. Scent is a highly underrated way to not only remember your wedding day […]

Couples choose lavender, peach, and mauve as wedding colors for their harmonious blend of softness, romance, and versatility. Lavender’s calming hues complement peach’s warmth, creating an elegant and timeless palette. These colors adapt seamlessly to various wedding styles, from rustic to classic, offering flexibility. Additionally, the floral options are abundant, allowing for stunning arrangements. The […]

If you are getting married, break away from the traditional neutral bridal nails to give a gorgeous trend a try. Dried flower nail design is special because it introduces a distinctive and natural element to nail art. It provides a unique, organic aesthetic, allowing for individuality and creativity in each design. The use of dried […]

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One of the 4 components of marriage context is financial– this is a couple’s financial situation as well as their financial styles, skills, and outlook. Understanding your partner’s viewpoint of finances will assist you in empathetically approaching money topics to avoid arguments. A healthy “money talk” will help curtail conflict. money style Research shows that […]

The top 10 things wedding guests report loving aren’t place cards, charger plates, linen, or even centerpieces. It’s easy to get caught up in attention to detail because we feel people notice and remember it. Going on 20 years of planning & coordinating weddings, here are the top 10 things wedding guest rave about, even […]

Couples often choose sunset wedding colors because they capture the breathtaking and romantic hues of a sunset. Creating a visually stunning and emotionally evocative atmosphere is effortless with this color palette. The warm tones of oranges, pinks, and golds that mimic the colors of the setting sun. Sunset colors are versatile and work well for […]

Almost everyone has attended a wedding with traditional order of events, however, there are actually 5 main options to choose from. Sometimes a factor in your reception order will be the venue. Because of catering timing or multiple events simultaneously, you may be required to have your reception in a specific order. Should you get […]

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While wedding veils are specifically worn for the ceremony, you will choose at which point in the day you want to remove it. Historically, wedding veils were used for religious ceremonies to represent modesty & purity. With the evolution of fashion, veils are now an accessory that highlight the personal style and femininity of each […]

If you are getting married, feel confident breaking from the traditional neutral bridal nails to give a gorgeous nail trend a try. Rose gold nail design is special for its elegant and luxurious appearance. The use of rose gold nail polish or accents adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to the nails. This trendy […]

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I love the reality show Love is Blind— couples meet, date in pods without seeing each other, and get engaged before they ever meet face-to-face. Although rare, some of the couples are still married years after the show. How could this be possible you ask? Their individual psychological wellbeing was in a great place. To […]

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